Urban and Contemporary Worship Play by Ear is the quickest way to learn any song by ear. After learning how to play by ear with no one to show me, it forced me to develop an easy and quick process and procedure to learning songs by ear quickly. Many of the musicians, when I was learning how to play, did not know theory nor were they able to explain the process to learning songs. After so many years of finally learning theory, I began to see a remarkable pattern to all songs and I am exposing these secrets to you.†By learning these secrets, you will not only be able to create your own music without knowing how to read it, but you will be able to play any song you hear GUARANTEED! "It just cannot get any easier than this......" This is the ultimate DVD for beginners and for musicians looking to get back into playing.

Why this DVD and why now?
I rejected the idea of making a DVD for beginners, because I felt that there were already a slew of instructional DVDs for beginners already. In addition, I didn’t feel qualified to teaching a beginner, because there is so much material to cover. Then I began to realize that so many beginners believed in me enough to purchase my Urban Worship Classic, Urban Worship Xtreme, and Tritone Xtravaganza, but still don’t even know the basic building blocks to forming chords. Furthermore, many have not developed the skills to hear a song and figure out what key the song is in. So many have a ton of separate and independent chords, but have no clue about the number system, and forming chords from the bass. That’s why this DVD is so important and now is the right time for you to take 10-steps back to learn the basic foundation.

Number System Theory:
The Number System is one of the most important concepts to learn when learning how to play. It is the universal language for all musicians in any language in any country. It gives you a direction and a guide to learning songs. My concept combines the number system with hearing the bass note and deriving the chord from the bass note. See the problem is that you hear the music, but you have absolutely no clue on how to form chords when you hear the bass note. That’s where this DVD comes in. I give you every single combination imaginable for the most popular songs and how to use them. See, most DVD’s show you the number system and all the theory involved with the number system, but no one ever takes the time to direct you step-by-step, note-by-note on how to form the chords. When I have a last minute concert where the musicians have no time to learn the songs in enough time, I use this concept to tell each musician the number. I call out the number on the spot and can get through a gig really easy just by everyone knowing this concept. All songs have similar patterns and structure and knowing the Number system and its combinations is the key to playing almost anything you hear.

Easy Key of C
Most of my DVD’s are in the keys of Db, Ab, Eb, etc.. which is very difficult for new musicians, especially of those coming from a classical background or musicians from other countries. This is why did the whole entire DVD in the key of C-major so there is no reason not to learn the concepts. Furthermore, the awesome part about this DVD is that once you learn the number system and the concepts I show you on this DVD, you will be able to quickly apply this in every single key.

Not Old School Sounding – I Get you Playing Fast!
The problem with learning how to play is motivation. You are smart enough and you are even motivated enough to play, but you don’t want to start off playing “boring.” Many of you have taken lessons already, but the chords are so basic, that when you do take the time to play in church, you feel ashamed, because your chords are not full, thick, and phat. Well, this is where this DVD comes in. I not only give you the chords, but I give them to you in a phat way. See I add the 9th and the 7th chords along with left hand support chords that make you sound like the musicians you hear on the radio, but I don’t stretch the chords so much that it is hard for you to play. It is a perfect medium, so that even though you’ve only been playing a few months or years, YOU WON’T SOUND LIKE IT AT ALL!

Unlimited Talk Music
Have you ever really sat down and listened to talk music or listened to the musician when he is playing behind a minister when he is talking. The chords are usually a series of simple progressions. After learning the concepts on this DVD, you will have unlimited resources to use for talk music. You will be able to create awesome melodies that you hear in your head, but have not been able to play. This will get you through service and keep you anointed and powerful as you can finally play what you feel in your heart and in your spirit.

For Singers:
Sick of asking and begging musicians to help you figure out a melody and to put music to your words? Are you sick of having all these melodies in your head and having no way to play what you hear? How much more successful and further along would you be if you could just play keys. THIS DVD WAS DESGNED ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. The reason is that as a singer, minister of music, and/or music directory, you already have an incredible ear. You just don’t know how to form all of the chords that you hear in your head or where to start. This DVD will get you playing really fast and allow you to play everything you hear in your head, so that there will be no limit to your creativity. Even if there is no keyboard player, you’ll be able to sing and play during praise and worship. All you need is a drummer, because you’ll be able to play the bass and keys!

Drummers, Bass Players wanting to switch to the Keys
Are you sick of your keyboard player always leaving the church and now the church is stuck without a keyboard player? Are you tired of having all of these melodies in your head, but not being able to play them? This DVD is definitely for you. Why? Because you already have a good ear from being around music all your life and being in church. Since your ear is already trained, all you need now is for someone to guide you and give you direction on how to form chords. If you are a bass player, then you are 50% there already as the hardest thing for beginning musicians to do is hear the bass. Since you have this covered, switching to the keys will be so easy for you.

For Musicians who have not played in years and want to get back into playing:
You grew up in church and started off playing the keys. You even lead praise and worship and use to sing and play in church years ago. Now you are seeing the website and materials on the website and you are getting motivated again to play. The problem is that it’s been so long and all you can remember are a few songs and you are so disappointed, because you remember where you were and now you are no where close. THIS DVD IS DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. Once you start seeing and hearing the lessons on the DVD, you will quickly begin to remember the chords you use to play. This DVD will get you back playing in church and back up there again. Once you begin to practice and get your fingers coordinated again, you will no only be where you use to be, but 100 times better

Grew up Playing Classical Music and want to switch to gospel?
You grew up playing classical music and you can sight-read pretty well. You also can name your chords and know a little bit of the number system. How will this DVD help you? Well, you have the hard part taken care of. You know how to read, you know theory, you know your scales, and your fingers are coordinated. All you need now is to add that gospel sounding 9th, 13th, 7/9, and 11th. You also have a problem playing improvisational and playing by ear. This is what this DVD will give you as a classical keyboard player:

1.Give you the chords in a gospel arrangement by adding the 9ths, 11ths, 7ths, and a few tritons.

2.Give you popular gospel progressions with the chords sounding phat and not in a classical arrangement.

3.Give you a step-by-step guide into hearing and playing popular worship songs.

4.Give you the sheet music and all of the notes and midi to aid in yourprocess.


What if the bass line I hear is not in the key of C?
You have to remember that music is creative and not stuck in a box. As a result, there will be times when you will hear a bass note that will have a note that is not in the major scale of the key. For example in the key of C, you may hear a bass note that plays a Bb. Bb is not in the key of C, but it does fit the song. This is called the flatted 7, because B is the 7th and going a half step down (to the left of the keyboard) makes it a Bb or flatted 7th. In this case you may play a Bb major 9 that fits with the key of C. These flatted notes usually add character, personality, and more flavor to the song. Refer to the chords sheet to see all of the popular flatted notes. Flatted notes also act as passing tones or passing chords in a song.

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